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Living Above the Line 1: Communicating with Yourself

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Living Above the Line is a way of life where we create a steady stream of positivity cycles comprised of positive focuses, feelings and experiences. This way of life is first created from within each individual and then extends outward to impact our relationships with other people and our world. This course starts you at the beginning: learning how to communicate with yourself. How do you create from inside yourself the thoughts and feelings, both physical and emotional, that you want? What are your negative thoughts and feelings trying to tell you? Learning to communicate with yourself is personal growth that allows you to become a better version of you. It is natural stress reduction that eliminates stress at its root causes. It is the formula for Creating Your Own Luck and turning Your Good Intentions into Actions.

Disclaimer: this program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Exercise Tier Workshop


Online Workshop: EXERCISE TIER

Sunday, June 9th 2-5pm EST, Brewer, Maine




Create Your Own Luck through Stress-Free Living

Private Retreat:   3-5 People    8 Hours    $500

Schedule a full-day retreat for 3-5 people to work together in finding the root cause of each person's stress regarding a specific issue, and then creating a positive change plan for each person. When individuals work in a group, the results an be very powerful with each person feeling more inspired and supported than they might after one-on-one consulting.

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