Where am I Starting?


First, learn the difference between a wholesale customer and a wellness advocate, then pick an option below.




I want to hold a get together so my friends and family can learn about Doterra, but I am NOT looking to receive commissions and bonuses from Doterra.                                 

 Watch Video & Download Informational Sheet




I want to earn enough money to pay for my products.

 Watch Video & Download Informational Sheet




What does it require to get paid by Doterra for sharing their products?

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I want to earn a supplemental or replacement income with Doterra.

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Bridging the gaps to sustain a supplemental or replacement income.

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Nuts and Bolts Information for Earning Commissions and Bonuses


Always Keep Your LRP Cart at 100PV


Be mindful of one-time items bringing your cart below 100pv. A one-time item might be a product that has limited availability, or that can only be ordered in a certain quantity each month, or a special like at Christmas or Mother’s Day.


How to Enroll Someone - Wholesale Customer vs. Wellness Advocate


Loyalty Rewards Program/Product of the Month/Shipping Rewards


Each wellness advocate is assigned their own website by Doterra for people to get information and buy products from you retail.  After you log into doterra.com, go to your Account Profile and you will see “My Website” with your address and ability to customize your site.

Compensation Plan


Enroller vs Sponsor

Enroller vs Sponsor Information

Back Office Training

Placement Training

See the Placements Tab under Team on your back office for information and to submit Account Transfer requests and Exceptions requests.

General Information on Placement can be found 3rd to last page of the Build Guide on Doterra.com/Empowered success

 Watch Video & Download Informational Sheet

Book and Accessories Websites

Doterra DIY        Aromatools.com         Youroiltools.com        Shareoils.com



Healthcare.doterra.com – Pre-register to have access to integrative medical clinics that incorporate essential oils as one tool. For Physicians: register your interest in being part of an integrative medical model.

Aromaticscience.com – The scientific source for essential oil research.

Sourcetoyou.com – Provides sourcing information and videos documenting the process PLUS provides testing reports for each bottle of oil.

Doterra Essential Oils Facebook Page

Complete Listing of Customer Education Resources

 See the Doterra Tab on this Website

FDA Compliance and Product Claims (what you can and cannot say about oils)


Business Training Websites and Tools


Doterra University 

Doterra.com – Empowered Success - See the Tools library for business related tools like rank planners, power of 3 planners, etc.)

Sharesuccess.com - See their Library for all business related tools like rank planners, power of 3 planners and much more)

Other Helpful Builder Tools are found on Doterra.com like:

Literature:  Has all the product information pages and brochures for product lines

Class kits: contain power points and recipe cards for continuing education classes

Flyers: contain all the PDFs for information like enrollment kits and handouts

Forms: Direct deposit form, enrollment forms, transfer forms, account info. change form, etc.


Images, Presentations, and Videos for social media posting

Group Coaching Calls

Pierson Wellness Monthly Call:  First Monday of the Month (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) at 12:00 noon EST. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/599491681

Share Success Weekly Call:  Every Wednesday at 8:30am MDT 


How Do I Start Creating an Income?


Introduction to Our Culture: Living Above the Line

Living Above the Line PDF


Create a Plan with Your Upline

Create Plan Worksheet


Next, use the Outline (linked above) and Worksheets (found in each section) to make a Plan for Each Section - Watch Video and then Utilize Resource Links.

Click Here to watch a recorded online training that takes you through the process step-by-step.


Skills Training – check out different varieties to see what feels the most comfortable to you, or combine training to create your own version.

Empowered Success on Doterra.com and Share Success on Sharesuccess.com are using the same tools (Launch Guide and then a guide for each rank), but have different training videos.  You can use both for the most variety in skills training.

Emerge Sales Training - this training just has different ways of offering education/inviting, presenting, and enrolling and creating a referral system. If part of your Plan is to tap into your customers’ “warm market,” then this system might help you.  There is also a script for a one-on-one appointment that could be with a client or anyone who is interested in learning about Doterra.


How to Reach the 96% - this Facebook group teaches strategies to reach the 96% of people who aren’t already on board with essential oils.  If you like make & take classes, there are many strategies that use rollerballs here!

Share Guide on Empowered Success/doterra.com

Build Guide on Empowered Success/doterra.com

Compensation Plan Videos: